If you do not qualify for SMP, you may still be able to receive Maternity Allowance. To qualify for SMP youll need to: The table below shows how much Maternity/Pregnant Parent pay youll get: *Average earnings are based on what youve been paid during the eight weeks ending on the 15th week before your babys due. You will be able to view the details of your maternity dates via eESS employee self service. Revised version presenting the situation in the 28 Member States as known to us on 18 March . South African dads are entitled to 10 working days of paid paternity leave after a child's birth. It enables eligible employees request up to 18 weeks of leave per child: four weeks paid and then 14 weeks unpaid. Therefore, if you attend work for a 2 hour training session this will count as 1 KIT day. The Parental Leave Policy is one of theNHSGGC Work-Life Balance Policieswhichallows our staff tospend more quality time with their children. In all cases, companies that had better benefits for working parents ranked higher. c). *Medical Staff are covered by separate terms and conditions and should refer to Medical Staffing for advice. Adoption Leave is a period of absence from work granted to a primary carer before and after the placement of an adopted child into their care. You must forward your MATB1 to the payroll department who will then return it to you with the relevant documentation (i.e. 2 The specific provisions of this policy are not contractual, unless expressly stated, and can be amended from time to time. Applicationsshould be submitted directly to the relevant line manager with no less than three weeks notice and first time applications must be accompanied by a copy of the childs birth certificate or adoption documentation. Colleague Maternity and Pregnant Parent Guide - May 2022, Paternity, Non-Pregnant Parent and Co-Adopter Policy, CMP - Full pay, based on your average contractual earnings, SMP The amount youll get is either the rate set by the government or 90% of your average earnings*, whichever is the lower amount, If you choose to take this amount of leave, these weeks will be unpaid, have been working here for 26 weeks by the end of the 15th week before your babys due; and. NB. Please contact theHR Support and Advice Unitif you wish to clarify the application of this template in conjunction with the policy and guidance associated with career breaks. However, if you choose to do this you will forfeit SMP at the lower rate for each week worked. The University of Cambridge aims provide maternity benefits which comply with both the letter and the spirit of the law on maternity rights and are in excess of these statutory requirements. This kind of leave is also sometimes called family leave, family . The roster note should describe the date and hours worked together with an indication of how many KIT days have been worked (including this latest KIT day) in the current maternity leave absence. Portugal There is no maternity or paternity leave, only parental leave. The above would be similar if an employee left employment through the annual leave year. Where possible, time off during working hours should be granted to allow an employee to breastfeed or express milk. KIT days will be paid at the normal hourly rate as if the employee were at work. They let you use vacation time if you want longer. The 4-week maternity leave pay for the 11th to . be earning at least 123 a week on average*. If you dont qualify, you may not get a payslip during your leave. 1.2 Ordinary Maternity Leave and Additional Maternity Leave Ordinary Maternity Leave (OML) - This is the first period of 26 weeks You dont have to arrange any KIT days, and well never insist that you work a KIT day. For longer term fostering, the manager should consider providing time off under the arrangements for Adoption Leave/Pay (outlined below), Parental Leave or Career Breaks. Paternity leave is only accessible to employees (not, for example, people who are self-employed or contractors) and is paid at a rate of either 149 (about $195) a week or 90% of the employee's. But only 18% said they have a separate, paid maternity leave policy (compared to 14% in 2003). Please note: Employees who agree to work KIT days will not be paid for work done in addition to SMP. Yes, all employees on Maternity Leave will accrue both annual leave and public holiday hours. Maternity Leave All pregnant employees, regardless of length of service or hours worked: are entitled to up to 52 weeks' maternity leave. Advise their manager of any changes in circumstances, such as home address. In order to compliment the Home Working Policy, guidance was created in partnership in September 2020, which is available to viewhere. They can also request up to an additional 12 months of leave. Just so youre aware, even if you dont work a full day, this will still count as one of your 10 KIT days. The maternity leave can begin at anytime from at least four weeks before the birth of the baby. An employee may, however, make a number of breaks throughout their employment with the Board provided that the total periods of absence do not exceed five years. They also offered fertility support and nine out of the 10 support parents finding childcare resources. Staff who leave the employing organisation will receive their full annual leave entitlement per Table 2 foreach day they have worked in the current leave year,less any annual leave taken plus any outstanding public holiday hours, i.e. Our policy offers our people: four weeks family leave pay (FLP), equivalent to four weeks gross pay This is the legal minimum pay that women are entitled to receive from their employers while on maternity leave. All rights reserved. the Maternity Leave period will be automatically triggered if the member of staff is absent from work wholly or partly because of pregnancy after the beginning of the 4th week before the EWC. Acceptance. Itcan sometimes be granted to other guardians by the courtsif necessary in the best interests of the child howeveritwould not automatically applyother people involves in the childs life, such as step-parents or grandparents, even if they live in the same household. This means that payment for a KIT day wont ever be more than a normal days pay. A reduced working year can take a number of forms. Health and benefits provider Maven and Great Place to Work, a polling company, asked some 440,000 working parents about the benefits their employers provide, as well as how they feel about their company. Maternity Leave for Part-time and Contract Workers Part-time maternity leave varies depending on a few factors. at full or half pay), or, 12 months continuous service with one or more NHS employers; and. The salary of the post is reduced proportionately to the hours worked by the employee. One you have completed the adoption leave transaction you must provide your manager with your original adoption certificate. This is where work is performed at or from home instead of at or from the Boards premises for a significant proportion of the contractual working hours. Please refer to the FAQ guide for details on pay entitlement related to length of service. All managers should ensure that SSTS is updated correctly and payroll is informed, where SSTS is not available.The HR Support and Advice Unit can be contacted on 0141 278 2700 if you have any further questions or need advice on this policy area. During any unpaid period of your Maternity/Pregnant Parent Leave all pension contributions will stop. They might ask to see your appointment card or email/text confirmation to confirm things. If youre off sick due to your pregnancy within four weeks of your expected due date, your Maternity/Pregnant Parent Leave will just start automatically, Once youve agreed a start date with your manager, you should complete the ML1 Application for Maternity Leave Form (below) and ask your manager to sign it. Your pay slip will be sent to your home address from your department. Some employers may even encourage employees to utilize the remaining sick leaves and vacation leaves for medical check-ups and rest days before they begin their maternity leave. For successful applications the employee has no right to revert back to their previous working pattern. Special rules apply if your rotation to another employer takes place between the 14thand 11thweek before your baby is due which may see your entitlement to OMP being paid by your new employer and SMP being paid by your current employer. Three months notice of an intention to return to work must be given to the line manager.While no guarantee of a return to a particular post can be given, every effort will be made to place individuals in posts of similar band, hours and responsibility to that held prior to the break, and will take into account the employees experience, achievements and qualifications. This comprises 26 weeks' ordinary maternity leave (OML) immediately followed by up to a further 26 weeks' additional maternity leave (AML) If you subsequently decide to come back to work, and work for a minimum of three months, you will be paid the difference between what you have been paid under the leaver entitlement and the amount which would have been paid to you if you had declared your intention to return at the outset. If you do not have an eESS ID due to not having a GGC email or access to GGC network then your manager can complete the adoption leave transaction on your behalf via manager self service. Staff on Term Time Contracts should continue to refer to the HR Support and Advice Unit for help in calculating Annual Leave. Your manager will get in touch with you before youre due to come back to work to talk about the arrangements for your return. An employee working full-time or part-time will be entitled to paid and unpaid maternity leave under the NHS contractual maternity pay scheme if: You have twelve months continuous service with one or more NHS employers at the beginning of the 11th week before the expected week of childbirth, You notify your employer in writing before the end of the 15th week before the expected date of childbirth (or if this is not possible, as soon as is reasonably practicable thereafter). These. 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